HWF planning process and preconditions = data collection, data reporting, data flows and data management
HWF planning data = data sources, data categories, data availability and methodology
HWF planning evaluation phase
Warning of problematic points that should be improved/developed

Meet Captain Planning, who will guide you at the webportal. Captain Planning will instruct you on your evaluation journey, tell you how to fill in different tools or advice you what to do next.

The Anchor is an important button. Whenever you fill in a tool and provide your thoughts, you should press the Anchor that saves your scores.

The lighthouse shows us the ideal, optimal way, calling our attention to the important goals in HWF planning.

The compass will focus your attention on the process related steps, the pathway, your journey towards your HWF planning goals.

The steering connects to the detailed processes in HWF planning, e.g. management, assessment, development etc.

The ship is also linked to the processes, since it covers the preconditions required for HWF planning.

The shipment/cargo summarizes the information and data, data sources, data bases, data categories, any pieces of information.

The Radio tower refers to the information flow and coordination mechanisms within communication.

The Sailors represent the stakeholders to be involved, committed and engaged in HWF planning.

The lifebelt is found at the skill island, which calls the urgency for paying attention and improvements in lacking competency areas of the HWF Planning Committee or data specialists.

The telescope symbolises the evaluation process of HWF planning, where continuous fine tuning, revision and supervision shall be needed.

In your journey towards HWF planning goals, you will sail to different islands, significant shores or harbours, which are important steps or activities in HWF planning.

If your see the Pirate, that means you are in a dangerous situation and you must be careful to overcome the difficulties and problems.