Tool 8: The Optimal Skill list for HWF planning data specialists, is a list that contributes to the improvement in quality of data collections by providing a list of optimal core competences and the minimum skills and competences required for HWF planning (internally or available externally if needed).
Tool type: Skill list
Target group: HWF data collector and analyst, HWF Planning Committee if applicable, institution/authority responsible for HWF planning
Benefit of the tool: aims to improve HWF planning data collections, increase data quality

Assess the Optimal Skills of the HWF Planning Data Specialist. Do your country specialists match/achieve the Four Optimal Core Competency Dimensions?



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Core Competency Skill Description
1. Statistics skills statistics, mathematical statistics, descriptive statistics
2. Analytical, Modelling Skills data modelling, data processing and analysis, data communication, interpret data, interviewing
3. HR information management Skills, Technology and Data Skills information technology, manage electronic information
4. Presenting, Reporting, Communication Skills presenting techniques, presentation, information and communication

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