Tool 5: The Stakeholder coverage evaluation tool – to carry out an evaluation of the national stakeholder network, to conduct analysis and ensure the setting up of collaboration by a national-level HWF planning network.
Tool type: Checklist
Target group: HWF Planning Committee if applicable, institution/authority responsible for HWF planning or Ministry
Benefit of the tool: supports national stakeholder analysis for strengthening and assessing the national HWF planning stakeholder network

Please consider the followings when creating, assessing, managing and strengthening the HWF Planning stakeholder network. Please list each stakeholder separately. Consider the following dimensions for each stakeholder and check for changes regularly. Apply the tool for each separate stakeholder.

1. Willingness to collaborate: engagement towards mutual benefits, commitment to joint efforts, dialogue, attention for those who are less interested in operating a planning model.
Questions to be answered: Why is the engagement low-high? What are the underlying reasons? How can commitment be increased?
2. Stakeholder motivation: clear common purposes, support for HWF planning within the organisation, partnership efforts confirmed.
Questions to be answered: How does HWF planning fit the mission of the stakeholder organisation? How does this HWF planning stakeholder network support the operation of the stakeholder organisation? How do you contribute to the HWF planning stakeholder network? How can motivation be increased and strengthened?
3. Stakeholder expertise: complementarities, previous work/materials/mission in harmony, any positive experience.
Questions to be answered: What previous experience in this field does the stakeholder possess?
4. Stakeholder power: Force Field Analysis (by Lewin)
Questions to be answered: What helping/driving forces and hindering/restraining forces exist? What drives or blocks the process? Do you assess these forces as weak or strong?
5. Stakeholder capacity: does the organisation have the resources (financial, HR, technology, competences/abilities/expertise) staff roles and balancing responsibilities that are necessary within the stakeholder organisation?
Questions to be answered: What capacity is currently available? What capacity would be necessary to achieve the desired improvements? How to move forward? What are the critical steps? How to avoid or mitigate risks? How to allocate work?



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Willingness to collaborate
Stakeholder motivation
Stakeholder expertise
Stakeholder power
Stakeholder capacity

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