Tool 1: Evaluation list of Maturity level of systematic HWF planning
Tool type: Rating scale
Target group: HWF Planning Committee if applicable, Ministry or institution/authority responsible for HWF planning
Benefit of the tool: provides support for assessing the current state of national HWF planning

Test your readiness for systematic and comprehensive HWF planning. Please consider at least one of the five sectoral health professions (physicians, nurses, midwives, dentists, pharmacists) and focus on the national level. Evaluate your score based on whether you already completed the following steps by using 0 “not at all”, 1 “somehow”, and 2 “completely”.



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1. Set-up of clear and explicit HWF planning objectives in national health policy
2. Achievement of strong political commitment and awareness
3. Coordinated communication and information flow among national-level stakeholders
4. Dedicated and established HWF Planning Committee at the national level, designated responsible entity/specific group
5. Multisectoral collaboration in HWF planning
Yellow scores summary:
6. Established methodology and use of explicit model elements (from simple scenarios to complex mathematical simulations)
7. Data coverage and completeness on both supply and demand sides
8. Different data sources linked to each other, fostered data exchange, building an integrated interlinked database/warehouse
9. Support of online platforms, HR information systems
10. Utilisation of qualitative methods
Green scores summary:
11. Regular evaluation of the HWF Planning System, continuous fine-tuning
12. Implementation and policy actions based on recommendations by the HWF Planning Committee
13. Sustainability ensured by accomplishable/adequate resources
Blue scores summary:
Summary (yellow+green+blue):

First steps are done, let us move further to systematic planning