Tool 4: The Optimal Skill list for the HWF Planning Committee: Nine Optimal Core Competency Dimensions reflect the core competences and foundational skills desirable for professionals engaging in HWF planning in order to improve performance
Tool type: Skill list
Target group: decision-makers, Ministries or the HWF Planning Committee if applicable, the institution or competent authority responsible for HWF planning
Benefit of the tool: aims to improve the composition and performance of the HWF Planning Committee

Assess the Optimal Skills of the HWF Planning Committee. Do they match/achieve the Nine Optimal Core Competency Dimensions? Examine the gaps and attempt to ensure that the optimal skills are covered. Please mark ‘Yes’ by ticking the existing dimensions in the last column.



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  Core Competency Skill Description
1. Health Policy Development and Programme Planning Skills monitor policy implementation, operations planning, implement strategy
2. Legal Skills legal terminology, legal studies
3. Management Skills management, problem solving
4. Leadership and Systems Thinking Skills leadership development, adapt to changes
5. Communication Skills share information, information and communication, manage electronic information
6. Analytical and Data Assessment Skills time series analysis, surveying, development of statistical methods, mathematical statistics, statistical forecasting
7. Health Informatics Skills web application/software development
8. Financial Planning Skills financial planning, financial analysis, budget design
9. Labour Force Intelligence Skills labour market economics and policies, educational issues

First steps are done, however a lifebelt appears on your skill island,
which calls the urgency for paying attention and improvements in lacking competency areas